New Guard Gate Phone Number 813-336-8080
Sunday, October 1st to Sunday, December 31st
                                                    New Guard Gate Phone Number  813-336-8080
Ladies Luncheon
Thursday, December 14th, 12:30pm at Club Room
Men's Luncheon
Friday, December 15th, 12:30pm at Club Room
Kid's Holiday Celebration
Saturday, December 16th, 1:00pm at Club Room
Holiday Dinner Buffet
Sunday, December 17th, 5:00pm at Club Room
Eva's Holiday Giving Tree
Monday, December 18th to Tuesday, December 19th
Friday, December 22nd to Saturday, December 23rd, 7:00pm at Club Room
New Years Eve Party
Sunday, December 31st to Monday, January 1st, 9:00pm at Club Room